Lord Moncton: Obama To Cede American Sovereignty

October 17, 2009 by Lisa Krempasky  
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I dislike alarmists, but if Lord Moncton is correct we are headed not only toward political collapse and the One World government, but the end of days as predicted in the Bible.

This treaty should require congressional ratification and I will keep you updated on what you can do to voice your concerns.

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9 Responses to “Lord Moncton: Obama To Cede American Sovereignty”
  1. Tina Luna says:

    It is very hard for most Americans to believe this but we have elected a President and Congress actively working to destroy America. Obama has said in the past how he favors a world government. Obama is in the process of systematically dismantling our constitution and Bill of Rights just as predicted. America is like a fighter that just stands there and lets the other guy hammer him. We can not last much longer without hitting back.

    We have elected the Manchurian Candidate.

  2. missladyartemis says:

    OK… so where is the link to the facts? Where is the link to the “proposed treaty”? Oh, wait! Here’s something useful! http://unfccc.int/conference_documents/items/5776.php ALL the proposals and documents being presented at the conference! What a lucky find!

    And Wow… really? There is no problem with the climate, and even if there were, there is nothing we can do? It’s as though you quoted not only Longfellow, but also the idgit I know who tells me pine trees are backwards from other trees, and give off CO2 (I will never get over that). It’s like saying, so what if I’m losing $10 a week cuz I drop it down the toilet? It’s only ten bucks, and anyway, it’s not like I couldn’t stop dropping it down the toilet! Hmmm, $520 invested for a lifetime…
    Oh My Lord, please God help us.

    • Nope, no problem with the climate at all. Scientists the world over know it and even come out at the political global warming movement. Oh yeah…and I recently heard Al Gore saying that the huge amounts of snow and horribly cold temperatures this winter are proof of global warming.

      Global warming is junk science not accepted by climatologists.

  3. Spitfire says:

    Lord Moncton, I watched your video, and I have to ask:

    Are you really this stupid? Is anyone?

    • What is wrong with the video? It’s easy to say something is stupid, but you provide no evidence or even argument to back up your condemnation.

      • Tina Luna says:

        I’ll set aside the fact for now that Lord Monckton can be called many things but stupid is not one of them. This liberal “Saul Alinsky” attack has become not only old but ineffective. Spitfire is like most liberals, a useful idiot, in my opinion. If this is not the case let him (usually its a male) bring forth evidence to substantiate his brash attack. If indeed it shows that Lord Monckton is “stupid” let the facts be known.

  4. Jon says:

    This is just not true…..blatantly false, coming from a conservative organization with special interests in mind


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