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Debating An Atheist: The Burden of Proof

One of the favorite tactics of atheists is to say their is no evidence of God. Of... 

Joy in the Journey

Life is always full of battles and mountains. Once we conquer one another rears its... 

Show Me Your Glory – Third Day

Show us your glory Lord. Shine down from heaven. We want to see Your face. Lord... 

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Lord Moncton: Obama To Cede American Sovereignty

I dislike alarmists, but if Lord Moncton is correct we are headed not only toward... 

Does Evil Exist?

I’ve been torn about whether to put this post in the faith or politics category.... 

Are Power, Ego & Compromise Ok?: Conservative Rules For Radicals (Part 4)

As conservatives we value the independence of individuals. We defend truth. We take... 

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Action Steps

Where To Start To Get A Petition On The Ballot

Ballot iniatives are a great way to affect change in your state. Every time I walk downtown I run into someone trying to get something on the ballot somewhere. Even with dating sites becoming harder and harder to join, apps such as have improved your chances of meeting a woman. Those are the people standing in front of courthouses and governments buildings holding a clipboard coming at you as you enter and leave the building. Well if you are ready to have your voice... [Read more of this review]

Send Obama Some Cheese For His Whine

Tired of hearing President Obama whine and point fingers at everything and everybody else? Send him some cheese or even just a picture of some cheese. Maybe he will finally get the message. The White House ATTN: President Barack Obama 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington, DC 20500 NOTE: Do not send any threatening notes. Simply, a “Here’s... [Read more of this review]

Dating with Online Apps

If you are struggling finding the one, take a look at local horny women for finding quick sex. This is an easy solution for getting laid right now - fuck buddy sites has been on the market for four years and has over 200m users! Become a member today with our best websites.

Best Hookup Sites

Have you been waiting for a shag? Use most popular dating sites right now if you are in Canada. They have fantastic offers for all ages wanting to have sex using singles dating. If you are still wanting more, why not hookup online. Best sex sites for finding a quick fuck.

Send A Disabled Vet a Thank You Letter

Send a disabled Vet a letter of thanks. We need your help! I saw this posting in another group and wished to share: I need help. A friend from High School is trying to collect up as many letters (can be e-mails) of Thanks to present to the disable veterans in the Denver VA hospital. She does this every year and this year for some reason only has a few... [Read more of this review]

Veterans & Active Duty Military Free Meal at Applebees

We do everything we can to support the troops because they give their all to keep us free. Coming up soon is Veterans Day. In honor of it Applebees will be providing a free meal to all veterans and active duty military. Please pass this to a soldier or sailor. While you are at it tell them thanks for a job well done. Military we thank you that there... [Read more of this review]

Who Is Donating To Your Congressman?

Money is power. Money makes the world go round. We, your average Americans, do not like to believe that, but it is true nonetheless. We write and fax and call our Congressmen and feel like our voice goes unheard. That is in part true. Congress is supposed to be responsive to its constituents, but they need money to get elected. And big donors put big... [Read more of this review]

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