Congress Read the Bill

October 22, 2009 by Lisa Krempasky  
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Since president Obama took office Congress has been on a break neck pace to pass legislation. Too much of it has been legislation which they admit they have not even read. Some of it has not even been written at the time it was approved.

Obama promised us transparency. He has given us none. Is it too much to ask our Congress to read the bill before they pass it? No, of course not.

In that vein a petition has been created in support of the bill that would require that a bill be posted for 72 hours before it can be voted on.

Watch Campbell Brown’s endorsement.
YouTube Preview Image

Sign the Read the Bill Petition.

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One Response to “Congress Read the Bill”
  1. Tina Luna says:

    The best place for this and all the bills of late the Congress is pushing down our throats is to throw them into the wood-chipper, without reading them. Americans are on the threshold of watching our own government sell us and our great grandchildren into slavery. Economic fascism and an Obama form of communism. This is not what so many of us have worked, lived by the rules, and paid taxes for.

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