Directory of National Pro-Life Organizations

Here is a list of national pro-life organizations. Find one and get involved.

40 Days for Life
American Coalition for Life [email protected]
American Life League
Americans United for Life
Anglicans for Life
Baptists for Life
Bethany Christian Services
Bound 4 Life
Care Net
Center for Bio-Ethical Reform
Center of God for Life
Christian Coalition of America
Choose Life, Inc.
Crusade for Life
Democrats for Life
Elijah Ministries
The Elliot Institute
Family Research Council
Feminists for Life
Focus On The Family
Heartbeat International
Human Life International
Life Dynamics
Life Education & Resource Network (LEARN)
Life Education & Resource Network (NE)
Life International
Life Issues Institute
Life Ministries
March for Life Education & Defense Fund
Missionaries to the Preborn
Missionaries to the Unborn
National Black Pro-Life Union
National Lutherans for Life
National Pro-Life Alliance
National Right to Life Committee
Nurses for Life
Nurturing Network
Operation Outcry
Operation Rescue
Operation Save America
Physicians for Life
Presbyterians Pro-Life
Priests for Life
Pro-Life Action League
Republican National Coalition for Life
Silent No More Awareness
Stop Planned Parenthood International
Susan B. Anthony List
Ultrasounds for Life [email protected]