On The Channel 2 News With Betsy Bruce

October 15, 2009 by Lisa Krempasky  
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Here is my illustrious channel 2 news interview.


Betsey Bruce also added an additional quote of mine to her written report. I suggest cleaning up the fraud, waste and abuse in the current health care system.

Thanks for watching and reading. We can change this nation guys. We can do it. Go Team! Go!

Want to get on the news yourself?

How To Get Interviewed By A Reporter

October 15, 2009 by Lisa Krempasky  
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Today I went to Vice President Joe Biden’s speech on the Economic Recovery Act at the police and fire training center in Wellston, Missouri. As expected there was not much I agreed with in the speech, but this post is not about the topic of the speech.

Instead I would like to focus on how to get interviewed by the press. I did not go to the event with that intent, but sure enough it happened and Channel 2 ran my interview. Here’s the video of me speaking with Betsy Bruce.

This is what I did to get interviewed.

1. I got to the event early giving me time to meet people and pick a location to stand/be seated.

2. The place I chose to stand was by the press area. Organized events likely have designated press locations. All of those reporters need quotes and people to fill out their stories.

3. Prior to the event I chatted with reporters and they asked me to come back afterwards to discuss my views.

4. On the way to the speech I thought of the one question I would like to ask the vice-president. That question was “How will we possibly pay for all this?” That question also set me apart as a person who was not a guaranteed supporter of the speaker.

5. When chatting with the reporters they asked me what I would ask the vice-president if I had the opportunity. They are looking for both sides so being in the extreme minority opposition there was a high probabiity they would run my interview.

6. After the speech I went back to the reporter. She was genuinely glad and quite friendly. She had the camera turned on, asked my name and its spelling and generally where I lived. I assumed that was for their protection. She then asked me questions about our prior conversation and had follow up questions which surprised me.

7. When she was done she thanked me.

8. I eagerly awaited the news to see how the story was edited. Much to my pleasure Betsy Bruce gave a fair representation of my comments.

So let’s get out there loyal opposition and let our voice be heard. We can make a difference!