Red Cross in Window for Pro-Life

April 26, 2009 by Lisa Krempasky  
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As you know, in the first week of April, the White House received more than 2.25 million empty red envelopes. All together the number of envelopes have surpassed 3 million. Washington insiders consider this one of the largest mail campaigns in our nation’s history.

One week after the red envelopes reached Washington, the Department of Homeland Security issued a document outlining the potential threat “right wing extremists” pose to our country. Without giving examples, the document singled out those who were pro-life, as well as a number of other mainstream points of view, as possible threats to national security. I believe this was the first step toward marginalizing mainstream opposition.

I have received a lot of feedback from men and women who participated in the red envelope movement, asking me what we should do next. A great idea was presented to me, by a man named Jeff. He suggested that we put wooden red crosses on our front lawns to signify our stand as pro-life Americans. I have simplified Jeff’s idea, and I think it is easy for you to do.

At the bottom of this email is a red cross with the word LIFE on it.
1. Right click on it, and copy it into a new document. It should paste to fill the page.
2. Print it out in color.
3. Post it in a prominent window in your home, as a sign of your commitment to LIFE, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
Pass this on to all of those in your circle of friends who sent the red letters, and let’s stand together.


It will be a statement that you will not be marginalized, and that you are still committed to the unborn. You are not alone, and you can make a difference.

Thanks for your help!


Christ Otto

I have also created bumper stickers and t-shirts at cafepress. Sale proceeds go to support the Red Envelope and other projects.

Christ Otto, founder
of the Red Envelope Project

Jesus, I plead your blood over my sin and the sin of my nation. God end abortion and send revival to America.

This is post quoted in its entirety from Chris Otto email.

Red Envelope Day Follow Up

April 6, 2009 by Lisa Krempasky  
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Red Envelope Day was a huge success! Well done! Here’s the email I received from the founder. Please note that there were probably millions of other envelopes that were not tracked.

Dear Friends:

Thank you for your feedback and your help in sending red envelopes to the White House. Because of this grassroots effort, 2.25 million empty red envelopes were put in the mail on Tuesday, March 31. This number does not include those sent before or those sent after. Although we may never hear about how the President responded to this effort, I know that this movement has been a success. Here are a few examples:

The director of one of the largest Pro-Life organizations in the country told me that the red envelope movement has done more to unite and encourage Pro-Life organizations than anything he has seen in his experience.
Thousands of young people, including many children, learned about the value of life, and their right and responsibility to speak to elected officials.
Churches from across the denominational spectrum joined hands in prayer and action.
Hundreds of women who have suffered because of an abortion were given a voice.
The faith of thousands was encouraged as they saw God provide funds for envelopes and stamps. Several organizations printed envelopes, and all of them report that they needed to continue to order more.

So what’s next for this movement?

It is important to continue to be LIFE focused. Two great ways are through education and action. I recommend contacting the Life Issues Institute at [email protected] I also strongly recommend the work of Bound4LIFE under the direction of Matt Lockhart at [email protected]

And most important of all, pray. Pray that God brings more creative, witty, unusual ideas to promote life. From the pro-abortion emails I have received, it is clear that there isn’t much creativity in their movement. With God’s help, we can win in the realm of ideas.

I will be returning to my main mission in the coming days. For the past year I have been laying the ground work for a center of prayer in Boston, Massachusetts. My mission is to create an interdenominational prayer center that will contend for the spiritual heritage of our nation.

In addition to this, I am partnering with a group committed to obtaining the Northfield School, founded by Dwight L. Moody. Northfield was once a center for the Student Volunteer Movement, a movement of young people who committed themselves to foreign missions. The goal is to create ministry base that will care for orphans, be a training center, and be a center for prayer.

If you would like to know more about this, please send a reply to this email with “YES, I WANT TO KNOW MORE” in the subject.

Brian Potter is going to continue with the red envelope idea and he does this with my blessings. If you sent an email though the site, Brian will be contacting you with future events related to the red envelope project.

Thanks so much.


Christ Otto

Christ Otto, founder
of the Red Envelope Project

Jesus, I plead your blood over my sin and the sin of my nation. God end abortion and send revival to America.

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