Send A Disabled Vet a Thank You Letter

October 29, 2009 by Lisa Krempasky  
Filed under Action Steps

Send a disabled Vet a letter of thanks. We need your help! I saw this posting in another group and wished to share:

I need help. A friend from High School is trying to collect up as many letters (can be e-mails) of Thanks to present to the disable veterans in the Denver VA hospital.

She does this every year and this year for some reason only has a few letters. We want to flood them with our thanks to show them that we care. Lots of these great Americans are severely disabled and don’t see many visitors. We want to flood them with our thanks this year.

This is very simple; just put a few words together– 2-3 sentences (more if you so desire) and e-mail them to Paula Carlson at [email protected] and Paula will do the rest.

She needs them as soon as possible so she can print them all out and address them. Right now we have only a handful, we want to give each Vet several letters–not too much on our part to do for the incredible sacrifice these people have made.