Does Evil Exist?

October 14, 2009 by Lisa Krempasky  
Filed under Politics

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I’ve been torn about whether to put this post in the faith or politics category. Good and evil is obviously a question of faith, but their implications are far beyond faith, touching on each aspect of our lives.

In the political realm we struggle over what is “good.” Both parties are absolutely certain their good is the true good. Some on both sides say that the end, the “good”, justifies the means of getting there. Politics has become a dirty and cutthroat game, scaring off many a good man or woman from running for office. Those who have lived at all fear the repercussions of a nasty campaign on their family.

So I decided to put this post in politics, urging a decent and respectful approach to very real disagreement on very substantative issues. We can disagree vehemently and not be hateful or disagreeable. We can face the challenges of this great nations of ours without hating or hurting the opponent. To win we do not have to destroy for that win is no win at all.

At the same time we should not be intimidated by the evil that surrounds us. Stand strong and firm, ever pressing for the truth. Do not give in. Do not quit. We can do this. We can take back our America! never, Never, NEVER quit.