Twitter Updates for 2009-05-09

May 9, 2009 by Lisa Krempasky  
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  • “They drew first blood, not me.” John Rambo. Now that it’s drawn we must keep up the fight. Go Team! Go! #
  • #followfriday @petunia63 @ebmindc @TGRCOE @bob_edwards @mattsmind @thewildjoker @Jorrian @mikepfs @Keyescc #
  • Building conservative podcast, webstream & radio resource. RT links& I’ll add. #
  • Victory! New CIA memo lists who knew of “enhanced interrogation tactics” in 2002 Pelosi+ #tcot #
  • Only 1353 days until 1/20/13. It’s a Sunday. We can all be there to celebrate. Go Team! Go! #tcot #
  • The best way to get yourself a reputation as a dangerous citizen these days is to repeat the very phrases which our founding fathers used. #
  • Go Team! Go! #tcot 10 Ways To Change the World In One Hour or Less #