You Won’t Relent by Kim Walker

March 10, 2009 by Lisa Krempasky  
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God will not relent until He has 100% of our body, mind and spirit. He wants to bless us, yes He does. But more than that, He wants us to be sold out to Him and He will orchestrate our circumstances to make that happen. He will not relent. He is on a quest for you. He loves you and gave Himself up for you.

Remember when you first fell in love? Remember how the person was always on your mind? How you could hardly function when you were apart from them? That is how God feels about you. He is absolutely in love with you. You are always on His mind. And He aches when anything separates the two of you.

In the same way that this song is a cry from God not relenting until He has all of us, it is also a cry of our hearts. Lord, I will not relent until I have all of you. I am not satisfied knowing just parts and pieces of You. I am not satisfied creating You or imagining You in my finite imagination. I want to have all of You! I MUST have all of You! I will not relent until you show Yourself to me. I am desperate to know you Lord!

That is the kind of bold and hungry prayer that God answers. He is not some sicko that needs to be adored, but He is a Lover that deserves to be loved. Just as a husband responds to the adoration of his wife and loves her more and she then respects him more, the circle is complete in our relationship with God. The more we eagerly pursue Him, the more He will be found and the more we find of Him, the more we desire to eagerly pursue Him.

I won’t relent until you have it all. My heart is yours. My heart is yours. My heart is yours. Seek and ye shall find. Knock and the door shall be opened. Ask to be sold out to the Lover of Your Soul and you may not have a perfect or easy life. You may face hardship and persecution. But you will experience the best life you could have ever imagined. For your heart is His.

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