Engaging Liberals On Twitter

October 23, 2009 by Lisa Krempasky  
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If you don’t yet tweet, you should. It is a way to engage friend and foe alike. Sign up for your account at twitter.com.

Twitter is a good place for debate, but first you must find someone to debate or discuss your topics. This is how for twitter newbies. You will notice a search section on your page about half way down on the right column. If you are looking for liberals type in the following items and they will take you to people with liberal views speaking on topics.


To find conservatives go through the same process only type:


What are your favorite twitter searches?
What other hashtags have you found valuable in engaging people.

Response To a Reader Who Complains Conservatives are Racists

April 1, 2009 by Lisa Krempasky  
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Thanks for logging on to my site. And reading our articles. I hope you continue to. Lisa after reading your ridiculous comment I have a question for you.

When one of these right wing bigot followers tries to kill our President, will you be happy? Because I am going to tell you this. With racist like Sean Hannity, Lura Ingraham, Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and many others filling your heads with hatred against OUR President, someone is going to try to kill him.

Fox News and conservative right wing radio hosts are going over the line against OUR President. Fox refuses to cover 95% of President Obama’s events. THIS IS THE PRESIDENT!!! Did they do this to the WORST PRESIDENT IN THE HISTORY OF AMERICA….GEORGE W. BUSH?? Hell no.!!!!!

Please get your head out of the right wing clouds Lisa and smell the coffee.

President Obama was left with a huge mess after eight failed years of the previous so called President and Vic Preident.

Support OUR President. The first African American President in our history. And his beautiful wife Michelle who is not “trash” like the bigot host said she is. She is a great mom, intelligent and will be one of our best First Ladies ever!!!

Again thanks for reading our articles and feel free to send your comments to us Lisa. You have your opinions. After all, this is America and everyone cannot agree on everything.

Gordon Curvey


I would like to address several themes in your message.

1. While it is true that there are conservatives that are racists they are by far in the minority. You will find conservatives as a whole have a great belief in the individual and do not care where they came from, what color their skin is or who their parents are. In fact it is conservatives that judge President Obama by the content of his character and not the color of his skin. Conservatives pray for and support the president as a human being, but most definitely do not agree that his policies will lead us in the path of freedom or prosperity. They have not worked in the past and are unlikely to work in the future. On the other hand there are a vast number of liberals who voted for the president primarily of his skin color. It was not because of his policies because he did not campaign on policies. It was not on his promises because he campaigned as a moderate to get moderate votes, but is already turning out to be our most liberal president ever.

2. Some people on both sides are over the line regarding the president. There are plenty of liberals who refuse to look at what Obama is doing and spend time talking about the first family’s clothes and their physical appearance. Many liberals swoon instead of question. No president is due undying acceptance of every word He says, especially when it does not line up with his actions. It is our duty to question him and hold him accountable. It is our duty to cajole and prod the president into doing our what is right for the nation. We are responsible for our future and leaving it solely in the president’s hand abdicates our roll. We the people have the power to make a difference. Of course there are times when tempers flair. Is that right? No. Is it human, especially in times of great stress? Yes. Hopefully as we grow and mature we can all have more right and less human responses.

3. It is NOT all Bush’s fault. We can spend the rest of our days pointing fingers and assessing blame. The truth is it is all of our faults. Everyone participated in the mess and we are doing a great disservice pointing fingers to save ourselves. How much time and money and energy will be lost trying to blame someone else? The simple thing I learned as a child is that when you are pointing one finger there are three pointing back at you. So let’s move on. There is enough blame to go around, including to our current president. But none of that solves our problems. Let’s get out and take back our nation! Let’s make a difference! Let’s do something! Let’s do something great!

Unfortunately Gordon did not include the link to his blog in his email.